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Wedding Cake Pricing

Emmeli's Cake is dedicated to making wedding cake dreams come true.  Schedule a consult and bring pictures of cakes you like, ideas about favorite desserts and flavors, and your imagination.  Together we will find all the details that will bring to life the cake you've always imagined.

Pricing is based on decoration complexity, buttercream or modeling chocolate finish and serving number. Pricing for cakes decorated with the following is:

     -Textured Buttercream, naked and semi-naked cakes start at $3.50 per serving

     -Smooth buttercream starts at $4 per serving.

     -Modeling chocolate starts at $5 per serving

*Flavor options are limitless and multi-tiered cakes may have more than one flavor at no additional cost.  Check out the Flavor Page for thoughts on finding the perfect tastes.

*Prices reflect basic decoration and design.  Additional costs may apply for more complex designs.

*Delivery is free in Boise, Eagle and Meridian.  Delivery is available to anywhere within a few hours of Boise; delivery fees are determined by time spent and fuel consumed.

*Schedule an appointment to set up your free consultation.  

Party Cake Pricing

Impress your guests with an amazing looking and incredibly delicious cake made just for your occasion.

$35 - 4" round = 8 servings

$45 - 5" round = 12 servings

$55 - 6" round = 16 servings                     

​$75  - 8" round = 24 servings

$95 - 9" round = 32  servings                     

$125 - 10" round = 40 servings                    

$160 - 12" round = 60 servings                        

*Check the FlavorPage to determine what your cake can taste like.

*Square cakes are also available.  Square cakes have larger serving numbers than their round counterparts.

*Prices are based on buttercream decoration with simple design.  Additional costs may apply for modeling chocolate decorations and complex designs.   Contact for a price quote with pictures and a guest number.

Cheesecake Pricing

Creamy cheesecake that is light in texture and dense with flavor.

​$10 - 4" = 2-4 servings

​$20 - 6"  =  6-8 servings

$30 - 8"  = 10-14 servings

$40 - 10"  =  16-20 servings

*Check the Flavor Page for ideas on cheesecake flavors.

*Cheesecake can often be ordered and produced within 24 hours of order placement.  Contact to place order

*Want more than 20 servings of cheesecake?  Order more than one!!

​*Sales tax is included in the price listed.

​Dessert Pricing

Need something special that isn't cake or cheesecake? Emmeli's can make it!

Prices are based on size or amount and complexity.  Popular choices include:

-Mini cupcakes $1.25 (additional costs may apply for complex decoration)

-Regular size cupcakes for $2 or mousse filled for $3 (additional costs may apply for complex decoration)

-Cupcakes with flavored buttercream on top start at $2.50 for regular size and $1.50 for minis

-Cake Pops start at $2.50

-Brownies and Cookies and Eclairs (Oh my!) Price depends on size

-Pies start at $20 for 9" which serves up to 12

-Tiramisu - price depends on size

-Baked Alaska - price depends on size

-Chocolate Dipped Strawberries start at $2.50

-French Macarons start at $2 each

Want something that you don't see here?  You can ALWAYS ask here : Contact

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