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Every Cake is Special

​​We don't believe in flavor lists.  We believe that a person has the right to choose their own flavors!  Each cake (or tier in a multi-tiered cake) is made of six layers of cake with five layers of mousse filling for a total of ELEVEN LAYERS!  The cake is the base flavor that supports the dominant flavor of the mousse.  


To get your creative juices flowing, here are some ideas:

Cake ideas:

-Dark chocolate (Devil's Food)

-Cocoa Chiffon (light with a modest chocolate flavor)

​-Vanilla Chiffon (light and flavorful)

-Lemon Cake (buttery and lemony at the same time)

-Classic White Cake (fluffy, moist and flavorful)

-Classic Yellow Cake (rich and buttery)

-Carrot Cake (with pineapple.  Coconut and/or walnuts available upon request)

-Red Velvet Cake (tangy with a hint of cocoa)

*  These are just ideas.  We can make anything!


Mousse ideas:

-Chocolate mousse is intensely chocolatey, buttery and creamy 

-Vanilla bean custard mousse tastes like premium vanilla ice cream

-Cream cheese mousse mimics the flavor of cheesecake, with just the right zing

-Lemon curd mousse is melt-in-your-mouth lemony goodness

-Add chopped semi-sweet chocolate pieces and sliced roasted almonds to chocolate mousse

-Add fresh strawberries and chopped white chocolate to vanilla bean custard mousse

-Add dark cherry compote to cream cheese mousse

-Add fresh blueberries to lemon curd mousse

-Add ANY fresh fruit or fruit compote to ANY of these mousses 

-Add chopped dark, milk or white chocolate to any of these mousses

-Don't forget things like caramel, coconut, cookies and cream, and toasted nuts

*  These are just ideas.  We can make anything!  Use your imagination!  What are your favorite flavors?


Cheesecake Ideas:

Our light in texture, but dense in flavor cheesecake is AMAZING in it's vanilla form.  However, that doesn't mean we don't offer other flavors.  

Here are some ideas:

-Cherry Chocolate

-Caramel Apple



-Bailey's Irish Cream 

-Strawberry, blueberry, peach, lemon, marionberry, huckleberry, mixed berry, etcetera, etcetera

*  These are just ideas!  We can make anything!

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